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MD, Md, mD or md may stand for:



  • MD, United States postal abbreviation for state of Maryland (also "Md.")
  • Moldova, a country that has the ISO country code and Internet top-level domain ".md"
  • Licence-plate prefix for Magdeburg, a city in Germany


  • Main droite/mano destra (abbreviated MD or m.d.), used in piano scores to mark sequences of notes that are to be played with the right hand
  • MiniDisc, an optical storage medium developed by Sony
  • Music director; the term "MD" is used particularly in musical theatre



  • RAID drive linux kernel, also known as "md" for "multiple drive"
  • "md", alternative form of computer operating system command Mkdir, that creates a directory
  • Microdrive, a type of miniature hard drive
  • a filename extension for documentation in Markdown format
  • Message-digest algorithm, a cryptographic hashing function

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