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MDF may refer to:

In computing:

  • Master Database File, a Microsoft SQL Server file type
  • MES Development Framework, a .NET framework for building Manufacturing execution system applications
  • Message Development Framework, a collection of models, methods and tools used by Health Level 7 v3.0 methodology
  • Media Descriptor File, a proprietary disc image file format developed for Alcohol 120%
  • Measurement Data Format, one of the data formats defined by the Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM), used in the automotive industry
  • Multiple Domain Facility, a firmware-implemented facility on Amdahl mainframe processors that supports the configuration of multiple virtual computers (domains) on one hardware platform; similar in function to the IBM implementation of PR/SM; domains shared access to the CPU(s) by time-slicing by percentages which could be configured to change by time of day

In medicine:

In organizations:

In telecommunication:

In sport: