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An MDK-2.
TypeArtillery tractor
Place of originUSSR
Mass4 tons
Length7.043 meters
Width3.17 meters
Height3 meters

415 HP
SuspensionTorsion bar
1100 km (on road)
Maximum speed 35 km/h

The MDK-2M was a Soviet Cold War era artillery tractor. It was based on the chassis of the AT-T,[1] which itself is based on the chassis and drive system from the T-54 tank.

The MDK-2M was used for rapid digging of large coverages and for drawing tank trenches, with a digging depth up to 4.7 m width, and width 3.5 - 4m. The tiller is mounted on the rear of the vehicle, and is lifted hydraulically and stored in a raised position when not in use.

It was in service in the Soviet army, the Russian army, the East German army, and the Hungarian army.


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