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Stable release
0.8.1 / February 12, 2010; 6 years ago (2010-02-12)
Operating system Linux
Type Translation
License GPL ver.3

MDic is a multilingual free dictionary software developed for the Linux operating system. It scans selected text in any program (a texteditor or in an address bar) and pops up to show the result automatically or by pressing a modifier key.

MDic is able to pronounce words by default if the eSpeak or KDE text-to-speech tool is installed.

MDic uses SQLite databases and there is a converter tool (mdicconv) which can convert Babylon(.bgl), Stardict (.ifo), Freedict (.tei) and Sdictionary dictionaries (.dct). The only technical requirements to use MDic is the Qt4 library. MDic can be used on any desktop environment or window manager.

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