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Médi 1 Radio (Arabic: مدي 1‎‎, also known as Radio Méditerranée Internationale) is a private, commercial Moroccan radio network. Médi 1 has an audience of around 23 million people. It is emitted from Nador transmitter on longwave, shortwave, via internet and satellite.

History and profile[edit]

Médi 1 Radio is owned by various banks and private companies from both Morocco and France. The station started broadcasting in 1980 and is based in Tangier, Morocco.

Médi 1's former logo in both Arabic and French

The radio station is broadcasting throughout the whole Maghreb countries and it is a bilingual station broadcasting its emission in both Arabic and French.

Médi 1 is managed by Pierre Casalta. The station is not affiliated to any political party or organization. It is considered a reliable source for everything dealing with Maghreb affairs.[citation needed] Its slogan is Médi 1, la radio du grand Maghreb.

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