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Common name
  • MEMZ
  • MEMZ trojan
  • MEMZ virus

The MEMZ trojan is malware in the form of a trojan horse made for Microsoft Windows.[1][2][3][4][5]

MEMZ was originally created by Leurak for YouTuber danooct1's Viewer-Made Malware series. It was later featured by Joel, a member of the live-streaming group Vinesauce, who demonstrated the trojan in action against a Windows 10 virtual machine[6] after being provided with a copy by danooct1. The virus gained notoriety for its unique and complex payloads, which automatically activate after each other, some with delay. Examples of payloads include randomly moving the mouse cursor slightly, opening up satirical Google searches such as "how 2 remove a virus" and "minecraft hax download no virus" on the user's web browser, and opening various random Microsoft Windows programs (such as the calculator or command prompt). Many parts of the virus are based on Internet memes; for example, the virus overwrites the boot sector with an animation of Nyan Cat.[1][2][3][4][5] A benign version was later created by Leurak. This safe version allows toggling on and off specific payloads and will not overwrite the boot sector upon restart.[7]


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