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This article is about the stock market index. For the Metro Regional de Valparaíso, also MERVAL, see Valparaíso Metro.

The MERVAL Index (MERcado de VALores, literally Stock Market) is the most important index of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. It is a price-weighted index, calculated as the market value of a portfolio of stocks selected based on their market share, number of transactions and quotation price. The base of MERVAL is set at 30 June 1986 = 0.01 Argentine pesos.

The corporations and weighted prices that compose MERVAL are updated every three months, based on their market share during the previous period.

As of August 2013 the companies in it are Aluar (aluminium smelter), BBVA Banco Francés, Banco Macro, Sociedad Comercial del Plata (holding), Edenor (electricity), Grupo Financeiro Galícia (financial), Pampa Energía, Petrobras Argentina, Ternium(=Siderar)(steel), Telecom Argentina(telco), Tenaris (steel pipes), YPF (oil and gas). [1]

Historical values[edit]

MERVAL 1991–2013

The following is a table showing the annual maximum, minimum and average values of MERVAL between 1996 and 2005. During that period, the index hit its minimum value in 2001, some time before the explosion of the economic crisis, but recovered in an accelerated fashion after that.

Year Maximum Minimum Final
1996 650.23 491.71 649.37
1997 866.47 576.32 687.50
1998 715.93 301.73 430.06
1999 604.10 340.61 550.47
2000 645.29 396.55 416.77
2001 539.20 200.86 295.39
2002 525.09 267.73 524.95
2003 1077.98 520.55 1071.95
2004 1389.53 839.93 1375.37
2005 1731.33 1276.48 1543.31


  1. ^ Yahoo list, also contains Brazilian Petrobras for unknown reasons

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