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METALmorphosis was a large (7 metre, 13 tonne) kinetic sculpture of a human head, by Czech artist David Černý. The sculpture was in the Whitehall Corporate Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, where it sat in a large reflecting pool. It has since been removed since at least 2017 and an industrial pole and construction tape remains where the sculpture once was.

The piece is executed in polished stainless steel. The sculpture is made of 40 layers articulated into 7 pieces that can rotate individually. Originally, the sculpture could spout water from the head's mouth.

A later and larger work, Head of Franz Kafka (Czech: Hlava Franze Kafky), a bust of Franz Kafka made of 45 tonnes of steel, is in Prague.

Metalmorphosis was conceived by Count Riprand Arco, Founder and Chairman of American Asset Corporation, when the Count set out to design a visually stunning focal point for AAC's 200-acre office park development – Whitehall Corporate Center.

With its grand plaza, Whitehall Corporate Center presented an opportunity to create something monumental – a sculpture that would inspire both native Charlotteans and visitors alike.

Count Arco approached internationally renown Czech Sculptor, David Cerny. Cerny's idea for a one-of-a-kind sculpture was conceived, crafted and executed from its original concept, a testament to his technical savvy and his talent as an artist. Cerny says, "I was thinking about doing something as a centerpiece. I knew I wanted to employ water from the beginning." In addition to the water element, Cerny's design also incorporates a complex infrastructure and choreographed movement on a magnificent scale, creating a beautiful synergy of form and function.


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