MFF Football Centre

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MFF Football Centre
LocationUlaanbaatar, Mongolia
Coordinates47°54′00″N 106°54′58″E / 47.90000°N 106.91611°E / 47.90000; 106.91611Coordinates: 47°54′00″N 106°54′58″E / 47.90000°N 106.91611°E / 47.90000; 106.91611
OperatorMongolian Football Federation
SurfaceArtificial Turf
Mongolia national football team
Mongolian Premier League clubs

MFF Football Centre (Mongolian: МХХ Хөлбөмбөгийн төв) is a stadium in the independent municipality of Ulaanbaatar within Mongolia.[1]


It is currently used for football matches and boasts an artificial playing surface.

It has recently played host to Mongolia's attempts to qualify for the AFC Challenge Cup and the 2014 FIFA World Cup.[2]

The newly-expanded 5,000 seat stadium at the football centre opened in October 2013.[3]


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