Movement for the Future of Curaçao

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Movement for the Future of Curaçao
Movementu Futuro Kòrsou
Leader Gerrit Schotte
Founded 9 July 2010
Ideology Curaçao independence
Colours White
Estates of Curaçao
5 / 21

The Movement for the Future of Curaçao (Dutch: Beweging voor de Toekomst van Curaçao, Papiamento: Movementu Futuro Kòrsou) is a political party in Curaçao, founded by Gerrit Schotte in 2010, which has 5 of the 21 seats in the Estates of Curaçao after the 2017 elections.[1]

The party entered the island council of Curaçao (which became the Estates of Curaçao on 10 October 2010) after the general election of 27 August 2010 as the second largest party, winning 5 of 21 seats.[2] Its leader Gerrit Schotte became the first Prime Minister of Curaçao in a coalition cabinet of MFK, PS and MAN.[3] In March 2017 Gilmar Pisas became the second MFK prime minister of Curaçao.

In April 2017 party leader Schotte stated he wished to obtain independence for Curaçao.[4]

Year Leader Votes Seats
2012 Gerrit Schotte 18,450 5
2016 Gerrit Schotte 12,671 4
2017 Gerrit Schotte 15,710 5


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