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MF EP (Doomsday)
EP by MF Grimm and MF Doom
Released November 28, 2000
Recorded 1999-2000
Genre Underground hip hop
Length 50:48
Label Brick Records
Producer Metal Fingers, Mister Jason, DJ Fakts One, Cas, Que, Ninja B
MF DOOM chronology
Operation: Doomsday
Take Me To Your Leader
MF Grimm chronology
The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera

MF EP is a split EP released by rappers MF DOOM and MF Grimm on November 28, 2000.

The song "Break 'Em Off" also appeared on MF Grimm's solo debut The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Doomsday (Remix)" (performed by MF DOOM) Mister Jason 3:11
2. "No Snakes Alive" (performed by MF DOOM featuring King Geedorah, Jet Jaguar and Rodan) Metal Fingers 3:34
3. "Impostas" (performed by MF DOOM) Metal Fingers, Ill Clown 3:36
4. "The Original (Remix)" (performed by MF Grimm) DJ Fakts One 4:01
5. "Break Em Off" (performed by MF Grimm) Cas 4:09
6. "Dedicated" (performed by MF Grimm) Que, Ninja B 3:27
7. "The Original" (performed by MF Grimm) Ninja B 4:00
8. "Doomsday (Remix)" (Instrumental)   3:07
9. "No Snakes Alive" (Instrumental)   3:34
10. "Impostas" (Instrumental)   4:01
11. "The Original (Remix)" (Instrumental)   3:31
12. "Break Em Off" (Instrumental)   3:45
13. "Dedicated" (Instrumental)   3:27
14. "The Original" (Instrumental)   3:31
Total length: 50:48