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MG, Mg, or mg and variants may refer to:


  • Main gauche (m.g., French), a term indicating "left hand" in piano music
  • Matematička gimnazija, a special school, elementary and high school, for gifted in areas of mathematics, physics and ICT

Entertainment and media[edit]


  • MG, a prefix typically used for machine gun model designations (for example, "MG42" and "MG3")
  • Major General, a military rank used by many countries; the specific "MG" abbreviation is used in the United States
  • Medal for Gallantry (MG), an Australian military decoration, introduced in 1991


Science and technology[edit]


Units of measurement[edit]

  • Multiples of the base unit of mass gram,
    • Milligram (mg), 10−3 gram
    • Megagram (Mg), 106 grams
  • Multiples of a unit of magnetic field Gauss (unit),
    • Milligauss (mG), equivalent to 1.0 × 10−7 tesla
    • Megagauss (MG), 100 teslas