MGP Nordic 2008

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MGP Nordic 2008
Final November 29, 2008
Venue Musikhuset Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark
Presenter(s) Jakob Riising and Signe Lindkvist
Host broadcaster Denmark Danmarks Radio
Interval act DJ Noise, school children singing I Have A Dream by ABBA and the MGP Nordic Medley by the MGP Nordic participants, singing excerpts from songs about music.
Number of entries 8 entries, 2 from each Scandinavian country
Voting system Points are given depending on the percentage of the vote received by each country e.g. 21% equals 21 points
Winning song Norway Norway
"Oro jaska beana"

Melodi Grand Prix Nordic 2008 was the fourth Nordic Melodi Grand Prix, a Scandinavian song contest for children. The contest was held on November 29, 2008 in Aarhus, Denmark and the participating countries were Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Each country submitted two songs to participate in the first round with the top placing entry from each country proceeding to the super-final. The winner of the MGP Nordic 2008 was Norway's The BlackSheeps with "Oro jaska beana".


Each country partakes in a national selection for MGP Nordic. The top two songs from each country proceed to MGP Nordic. Eight songs participate in the contest to make it more substantial. All eight songs in the Final are performed. After the eight songs have been performed the Scandinavian countries vote for their favourite. After the voting has closed, the top song from each participating country is announced. The top four songs then sing again in the Super Final. The Scandinavian countries then vote again for their favourites. The winner is announced after the second round of voting has taken place. The voting system is different from the Eurovision and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It is also different from the Eurovision Dance Contest, making it unique in European contests. The percentage of votes given by a country is translated directly into points, e.g. 21% equals 21 points. No country can get nil points as each country gives points to every country. A country cannot vote for themselves, like in the Eurovision contests. The winning song then sings again as the credits roll.[1]



  • The Johanssons consist of brothers Mattias and Marcus. Their song "En for alle, alle for en", which means "One For All, All For One", is a pop-rock song about the need to care for each other.[2]
  • Sandra Monique will sing the song "Hola chica" which means "Hey Girl". The song is about friendship at a distance. Sandra is 12 years old and her biggest idols are Lil Mama and Chris Brown. In her spare time she practices gymnastics, singing and dancing. In the future she hopes to become a singer or a photographer.[3]


  • Footboys are a group from Finland. The duo consists of friends Anton and Ivar. Like the band name suggests, these two boys are very interested in football and the song "Fotboll" is a song just about football![4]
  • No fewer than six band members are in the group Big Bang! The six friends are competing with a contribution entitled "Här är vi", which means "Here We Are" and the song is about their love for music.[5]


  • "Oro jaska beana" is the song sung by The BlackSheeps. The song title roughly means "Be Quiet Dog" and is about a dog that is fat and unhealthy and eventually dies from high blood pressure. The group consists of three girls and a boy all aged 14 or 15.[6]
  • The Battery consists of four fourteen-year-old boys. The boys have played together since December 2006 and have written over 10 songs as a band.[7] One of them is the song "Tenke nå", which means "Think Now", and deals with climate issues. The song invites us to reflect on what actually is happening to the environment and nature and that it is time to do something about global warming. In October 2008, the band gained a new member to play the bass guitar.[8][9]


  • Linn is 15. She is growing up in Falun and plays both violin and piano. She usually writes her songs on the piano. In Linn's spare time she watches films and listens to Evanescence.[10]
  • When fourteen-year-old Jonna from Färgelanda listens to music, it is often Avril Lavigne songs. She describes herself as a positive girl who likes to be with her friends and also likes to sing. A rare talent she has is that she can "tremble" with her eyes.[11]


Each of the Scandinavian countries were represented by two artists. The artist with the most votes from each country proceeded to the Super Final. The Johanssons represented Denmark in the Super Final, Footboys represented Finland in the Super Final, The BlackSheeps represented Norway and Jonna represented Sweden.

Running order from YLE[12]

Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation Result
01 Denmark Denmark Danish The Johanssons "En for alle, alle for en" One for all, all for one Super-final
02 Norway Norway Norwegian The Battery "Tenke nå" Think now Out
03 Sweden Sweden Swedish Linn "En sång från hjärtat" A song from the heart Out
04 Finland Finland Swedish Footboys "Fotboll" Football Super-final
05 Denmark Denmark Danish, Spanish Sandra Monique "Hola chica" Hello girl Out
06 Norway Norway Sami, Norwegian The BlackSheeps "Oro jaska beana" Be quiet, dog (or) Shut up, dog Super-final
07 Sweden Sweden Swedish Jonna "Kommer jag våga" Will I dare Super-final
08 Finland Finland Swedish Big Bang! "Här är vi" Here we are Out


Each country sang their songs again for the Scandinavian public. The viewers then voted for the second time whilst the second interval act took place. This included the MGP Nordic Allstars singing the MGP Nordic Medley about music. The results were announced by puppets for each country. Each song gained points depending on the percentage of votes they won from each country. Norway was the runaway winner with 74 points more than second placed Denmark.

Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation Place Points
01 Denmark Denmark Danish The Johanssons "En for alle, alle for en" One for all, all for one 2 90
02 Finland Finland Swedish Footboys "Fotboll" Football 4 70
03 Norway Norway Norwegian, Sami The BlackSheeps "Oro jaska beana" Be quiet, dog (or) Shut up, dog 1 164
04 Sweden Sweden Swedish Jonna "Kommer jag våga" Will I dare 3 76



Televoting Results
Total Score Sweden Norway Denmark Finland
Contestants Sweden Jonna 76 25 30 21
Norway The BlackSheeps 164 51 53 60
Denmark The Johanssons 90 19 52 19
Finland Footboys 70 30 23 17


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