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MG 7 01 China 2014-05-01.jpg
Manufacturer MG Motor (SAIC Motor, previously Automobile)
Production 2007–2013
Assembly Pukou, Nanjing, China
Body and chassis
Class Executive car
Body style 4-door saloon
Layout FF layout
Related MG ZT
Rover 75
Roewe 750
Engine 1.8 L N16 Turbo I4
2.5 L NV6 V6

The MG7 is a sports saloon that is built by Chinese carmaker MG Motor, derived from the British cars, Rover 75 and MG ZT. Production started in early 2007.[1] The MG7 received praise from British car magazine Auto Express, who test-drove it in May 2008, although it has not officially been sold in the United Kingdom.[2]

The MG7 comes in two variants, the first which resembles the Mark I MG ZT with twin front lights and the second which resembles the Mark II Rover 75 V8. A long-wheelbase version, called the MG7L, features the deeper radiator grille of the Rover 75 V8.[3]

The MG7 comes in two trim levels: 'Classic' which features a slatted grille, and 'Sport' with a mesh grille. The look of the 7 has changed very little from the ZT and 75[citation needed]; the only noticeable difference is freshly designed LED rear light clusters and new alloy wheels. Also the car features new audio and heating systems as well as a new sunroof system. There are two engine options, the 1.8T and the 2.5 V6, both revised Rover K-Series engines called the N-Series with stronger head gaskets, both meeting strict Euro IV emissions regulations. Changes to the electrical system have been made to improve the engine's ignition system and also to support the wider range of equipment, which includes front headrest-mounted DVD players for rear passengers and a reversing camera.[4]

One of the greatest improvements is the replacement of some features which were snatched away under Rover's 'Project Drive'. These include bonnet insulation, driver's-side grab handles and the noise, vibration, harshness package which reduces road, engine and wind noise in the cabin dramatically. All models now receive ITS head air bags.

2008 MG7

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