Major State Highway 1 (Maharashtra)

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Major State Highway 1 shield}}

Major State Highway 1
Route information
Maintained by MSRDC
Major junctions
From: Songir, Dhule
To: Wadifali, Nandurbar
Districts: Dhule, Nandurbar
Songir, Chimthane, Dondaicha, Nimgul, Shahada, Dhadgaon, Kathi, Molgi, Wadifali
Highway system

Maharashtra Major State Highway 1, commonly referred to as MH MSH 1, is a major state highway that runs south through Dhule and Nandurbar districts in the state of Maharashtra. This state highway touches numerous cities and villages VIZ. Songir, Chimthane, Dondaicha, Nimgul, Shahada, Dhadgaon, Kathi, Molgi, Wadifali and then proceeds south-west towards Maharashtra-Gujarat state border. This highway enters in Gujarat State near Wadifali village which is on border of Nandurbar district of Maharashtra and Narmada district of Gujarat and ends at Dumkhal village which is just 15 km South-East of Sardar Sarovar Dam.


Distance chart[edit]

Route description[edit]

Below is the brief summary of the route followed by this state highway.

Dhule District[edit]

Dhule Taluka[edit]

This highway starts off from intersection of National Highway 3 near Songir village and proceeds North-West towards Sondale village in Sindkheda Taluka. After traveling for another 2 km (1.2 mi), it exits Dhule taluka just before Sondale village and enters the Sindkheda taluka.

Sindkheda Taluka[edit]

Nandurbar District[edit]

Shahada Taluka[edit]

Dhadgaon Taluka[edit]

Akkalkuwa Taluka[edit]

Major junctions[edit]

National highways[edit]

Indian National Highway 3

NH 3 near Songir village, Dhule taluka, Dhule district.

State highways[edit]

  1. State Highway 11 (Maharashtra).png State Highway 11 at Chimthana village, Sindkheda taluka, Dhule District.[1]
  2. State Highway 10 (Maharashtra).png State Highway 10 at Dondaicha, Sindkheda taluka, Dhule District.[2]
  3. State Highway 4 (Maharashtra).png State Highway 4 at near Shahada, Shahada Taluka, Nandurbar District.[3]
  4. State Highway 5 (Maharashtra).png State Highway 5 at Shahada, Shahada Taluka, Nandurbar District.[4]
  5. State Highway 2 (Maharashtra).png State Highway 2 at Mhasavad village, Shahada Taluka, Nandurbar District.[5]


Many villages, cities and towns in various districts are connected by this state highway.

Dhule District[edit]

Nandurbar District[edit]


See also[edit]

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