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MI, Mi, or mi may refer to:



Computers and smart phones[edit]

  • Mobile Internet, a browser-based access to the Internet or web applications using a mobile device connected to a wireless network
  • Multiple inheritance, a feature of some object-oriented programming languages in which a class can inherit behaviors and features from more than one superclass
  • MI-One, smart phone by Xiaomi Tech

Language, numerals, and names[edit]

Medicine, biology, and psychology[edit]


  • MI5, MI6, MI8, or MI9, the United Kingdom military intelligence sections
  • Military Intelligence, or milint, a military service that uses intelligence gathering disciplines to collect information that informs commanders for decision making processes
  • Operation MI, a Japanese military operation of World War II, see Midway order of battle



  • MI, the postal abbreviation for Michigan, a state in the United States
  • Mi, Ling County (糜镇), a town in Ling County, Shandong, China
  • Milan, a province of Italy
  • Mission Inn, an historic hotel in Riverside, California, United States

Science and technology[edit]

  • Mathematical Induction
  • Malleable iron, a type of cast iron
  • Mebi, the IEEE prefix that represents 220
  • Melt Flow Index, a characteristic property of a thermoplastic polymer as a means of quality control
  • Mile, a measure of distance in the Imperial system, approximately equal to 1.609 km
  • Mineral-insulated copper-clad cable, a type of electrical cable
  • Moment of inertia, a measure of an object's resistance to changes in its rotation rate
  • Mutual information, a measure of mutual dependence of two random variables in probability and information theory
  • MI, or Mi, magnitude-intensity relation, or magnitude intensity scale, used to assess the magnitude of historic earthquakes that occurred prior to the development of seismographs in the late 19th century, see Mercalli intensity scale

Television, film, music, and books[edit]


  • SilkAir's IATA airline designator

MI, code used on vehicle registration plates[edit]

Video games[edit]