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MICTOR is an acronym for Matched Impedance ConnecTOR, a product line of vertical board to board connectors. Produced by TE Connectivity, they are attached to printed circuit boards using surface-mount technology. They can be used for probing boards.

MICTOR are used in HP and Tektronix logic analyzers.[1]

Connectors can be used even for very-high frequency applications, up to 100-ps rise time.[2]

Some of Mictor signals can be used for JTAG, e.g. in FPGA debugging variants of the connector.[3] Along with JTAG, Mictor connectors can also carry hardware trace signals like ARM CoreSight ETM (Embedded Trace Macrocell) or PTM (Program Trace Macrocell). [4]

Minimal variant of MICTOR consists of 38 signal positions; larger variants are designed up to 266 signals (with 38 increments). Connector is usually surface mounted.