MIDI Converter Studio

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MIDI Converter Studio
MIDI Converter Studio.png
MIDI Converter Studio 6.1 on Windows Vista
Stable release
6.1 / May 18, 2009; 8 years ago (2009-05-18)
Operating system Windows
Size 9.1 MB
Available in Multilingual
Type Windows software
License Shareware
Website http://www.maniactools.com/soft/midi_converter/index.shtml

MIDI Converter Studio is a shareware program that makes conversion of MIDI (.mid, .midi) and KARAOKE (.kar) files into MP3, WAV, WMA or Ogg Vorbis files easy and effective. With help of SoundFonts, the program converts MIDI files much more quickly than similar tools, and the result doesn't depend on sound card.

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