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Stable release
3.5 FINAL[1] / February 2, 2013; 8 years ago (2013-02-02)
Written inC, Java
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Available inEnglish, Spanish, Arabic, French, Polish, Hungarian and Russian
TypeIntegrated development environment
LicenseGNU GPL (compiler), BSD (IDE)

MIDletPascal is a Pascal compiler and IDE specifically designed to create software for mobiles. It generates Java bytecode that runs on any Java ME device. In September 2009, Niksa Orlic, who wrote MIDletPascal, transmitted the source code to the Russian Boolean.name development community for feature development. MIDletPascal is now open-source, and hosted at SourceForge.

On 2 February 2013, MIDletPascal 3.5 Final released.


  • generates low-level, small and fast Java bytecode
  • full Pascal specification support
  • parts of code can be written directly in Java
  • SMS messaging
  • HTTP connectivity
  • user-interface (forms) support
  • multimedia support
  • user-friendly IDE

Hello World[edit]

Because it runs on mobiles that don't have a console, the Hello world program of MIDletPascal is quite different from a normal Pascal "Hello World".

program HelloWorld;
begin DrawText ('Hello, World!', 0, 0); Repaint; Delay(2000); end.

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