Hrazdan Cement

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Hrazdan Cement CJSC
Closed joint-stock company
Industry Cement
Founded 1970
Headquarters Hrazdan, Kotayk, Armenia
Products Portland Cement
Owner Hrazdan Cement CJSC

Hrazdan Cement, is a closed joint-stock company located in the town of Hrazdan, the provincial centre of Kotayk Province, Armenia. Founded in 1970 as "Hrazdan Cement Factory" by the Soviet government, the plant was privatized in 2001 to become owned by "MIKA Ltd.". In July 2014, a new group of owners took over the factory.

The plant is one of the largest cement producers in Transcaucasia with a production capacity of 1.2 million tons of cement per year.[1] The plant was put into exploitation in 1970 as a structural subdivision of the mountainous-chemical group of enterprises of Hrazdan. The production of the enterprise was used in Armenia in almost all the constructions of the spheres, having great significance, and was exported to the republics of Transcaucasus and to Russia in great amounts. In 2001 the plant was privatized to "MIKA Ltd." and renamed "Mika Cement".

In 2014, a new group of owners took over the factory after the bankruptcy of "MIKA Ltd.".[2]

The factory is located in Hrazdan occupying a territory of 54 hectares. The enterprise is equipped with two production lines facilitating a capacity of 1.2 million tons of cement per year. However, the plant has produced around 200 thousand tones during 2016.[3]


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