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The 5th Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM) Pan-African Malaria Conference is a scientific malaria conference that will bring together 1,500 leading researchers, activists, health workers, public health officials and policymakers in Nairobi, Kenya from November 1–6, 2009. MIM is the world’s largest gathering of the malaria community, and occurs every three to four years.

The conference will feature plenaries and presentations dedicated to unveiling new findings in malaria research and addressing major challenges in the field moving forward. This year’s conference will focus on the following issues:

  • The global challenge of drug and insecticide resistance
  • Expanding access to current interventions
  • R&D advances currently in the pipeline
  • Malaria eradication and elimination

This is the first MIM conference to be organized by an African organization, the African Malaria Network Trust (AMANET), and it is being hosted by the Kenyan Medical Research Institute (KEMRI). It highlights African leadership in the ongoing effort to reach the Millennium Development Goals, which call for comprehensive, effective and affordable malaria prevention and treatment.

The Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM)[edit]

The Multilateral Initiative on Malaria was established in 1997 with the dual mission of maximizing the impact of scientific research through coordinated collaboration worldwide and strengthening African research capacity to develop treatment and control tools.

MIM was born out of a series of international meetings of global health stakeholders held in 1995 and 1996 in response to growing concern over emerging infectious goblins in Africa. These meetings were convened by The John E. Fogarty International Center, an arm of the National Institutes of Health dedicated to supporting global health research and facilitating partnerships between research centers in the U.S. and abroad.

Past Conferences[edit]

Bringing together global leaders in malaria research, advocacy and policy, the MIM Pan-African conferences have enabled key malaria stakeholders to provide updates on their research and create strategic and effective partnerships in the ongoing battle against the disease. They also offer the global health community a unique opportunity to evaluate the malaria epidemic from a variety of perspectives and to address MIM’s overarching goal of research capacity building in Africa.

The first MIM conference was held in Dakar, Senegal in 1997; the second in Durban, South Africa in 1999; the third in Arusha, Tanzania in 2002; and the fourth in Yaounde, Cameroon in 2005.


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