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MIT/GNU Scheme
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Stable release
10.1.3 / December 8, 2018; 28 days ago (2018-12-08)[1]
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Operating systemCross-platform
Platformx86, x86-64
Standard(s)R7RS (mostly)[2]
TypeProgramming language

MIT/GNU Scheme is a free software Scheme implementation. It is part of the GNU Project.[3]

MIT/GNU Scheme was free software even before the Free Software Foundation and GNU General Public License existed.[citation needed]

It features a rich runtime library, a powerful source-level debugger, a native code compiler and a built-in Emacs-like editor called Edwin.

The books Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs and Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics include software that can be run on MIT/GNU Scheme.


Edwin is the built-in Emacs-like editor that comes with MIT/GNU Scheme. Edwin normally displays the `*scheme*' buffer, the mode line, and the mini-buffer when it starts up. As in Emacs, the mode line gives information like the name of the buffer above it and whether that buffer is read-only, modified or unmodified.


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