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MIT Global Startup Workshop
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Founded 1998
Type Not-for-profit Educational Organization
Area served
Parent organization
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Global Startup Workshop (MITGSW)[1] is a flagship event of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology[2] run by a student group in association with Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship,[3] the MIT Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship, [4] and the MIT Regional Accelerator Program.[5] Each year, about 40 MIT students, alumni and staff organize the 3 day conference in close collaboration with partners from a different host country in order to discuss practical steps that can be taken by students, academic faculty, venture capitalists, government leaders, entrepreneurs, and top business leaders.

The 21st edition of MIT GSW will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 26–28 March 2018[6] in collaboration with Sasin School of Management and the MIT Association of Thailand.[7][8]


The MIT Global Startup Workshop (MIT GSW) was founded in 1997 when the MIT $50K (now $100K) Entrepreneurship Competition received numerous queries from around the world from organizations interested in starting and improving their own business plan competitions (BPCs). The first MIT GSW was held in Cambridge, Massachusetts in March 1998. A decade later, in 2007 the MIT GSW expanded its mission to include all aspects of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The MIT GSW has been held on Five continents, reached participants from over 70 nations, and grown to become the premier workshop for fostering global entrepreneurship.[9]

  • 2018: Bangkok, Thailand [10]
  • 2017: Santiago, Chile [11]
  • 2016 : Hyderabad, India [12]
  • 2015 : Guatemala City, Guatemala [13]
  • 2014 : Marrakech, Morocco [14]
  • 2013 : Tallinn, Estonia [15]
  • 2012 : Istanbul. Turkey [16]
  • 2011 : Seoul, Republic of Korea [17]
  • 2010 : Reykjavik Nordica, Iceland [18]
  • 2009 : Cape Town, South Africa [19]
  • 2008 : Madrid, Spain [20]
  • 2007 : Trondheim, Norway [21]
  • 2006 : Buenos Aires, Argentina [22]

Featured past speakers[edit]

  • Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, President Of Iceland
  • Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President Of The Republic Of Estonia
  • Hwang Chang-Gyu, National Cto Of South Korea
  • Dean Kamen, Inventor Of Segway
  • Robin Chase, Founder Of Zipcar
  • Krisztina "Z" Holly, Founder Of The First Tedx
  • Bill Aulet, Managing Director Of the MIT Martin Trust Center
  • Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Of India
  • Desh Desphande, Founder Of MIT Deshpande Center for Inovation

Structure of the conference[edit]

MIT GSW platform facilitates conversations via panels and keynotes at the interface of Entrepreneurship, Government Policy, Social and Development issues, Corporate responsibility, Startup culture and ecosystem. MIT GSW is also a platform for extensive coaching for 350 participants through a Business Plan Competition, Elevator Pitch Competition, Unconference and active mentoring for startups.[9]

MIT GSW Competitions[edit]

MIT GSW typically offers three competitions:

  • Elevator Pitch Competition
  • Business Plan Competition
  • Startup Showcase

Mentorship and prizes vary in each edition of the conference.

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