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IUPAC name
3D model (JSmol)
ECHA InfoCard 100.207.435
Molar mass 407.477 g·mol−1
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MK-2206 is a drug candidate being investigated to help treat cancer. Its chemical formula is C25H21N5O.[1] It acts as an allosteric AKT inhibitor.[2]

It is a highly selective inhibitor of pan-Akt, namely, of all three Akt isoforms Akt1, Akt2, and Akt3.[1]

It is intended to be used with other cancer therapies that advanced tumours may become resistant to.[3]

Clinical trials[edit]

2011: A phase 1 clinical trial of MK-2206 alone has reported it was well tolerated.[4]
2014: A phase 1 clinical trial of MK-2206 with a variety of other agents in 72 patients with advanced cancer reported acceptable side-effects.[3]
2016: MK-2206 is one of the treatments in the I-SPY2 Adaptive clinical trial for breast cancer that had been selected for later stage trials.[5]
As of August 2017 31 phase II clinical trials are registered, many completed.[6] e.g. in colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and many others.


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