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Industry Advertising, film production
Genre Motion Graphics, Animation
Founded 2000
Headquarters Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Products Commercials, Motion Graphics
Number of employees

MK12 is a design and filmmaking collective based in Kansas City, Missouri, with acclaim in both commercial and artistic arenas. Founded in 2000 by art school refugees Jed Carter, Timmy Fisher, Matt Fraction, and Ben Radatz and later joined by designer / composer Shaun Hamontree and computer guru Chad Perry, MK12's work constantly challenges the boundaries between narrative structure and experimental storytelling via juxtapositions of live action, graphic design, nostalgic influence and new technologies.

Their experimental & short film catalogue has been featured in many international film festivals and exhibitions, including Sundance, South by Southwest, the São Paulo Art Biennial, the Zurich Design Museum, The Walker Art Center, Art Basel, Prix Ars Electronica and the Mile High Horror Film Festival, which awarded them a "Most Innovative Short Film" title for their entry Follow the Sun[1] in 2011. Similarly, in 2010 they received a "Best Experimental Film" award from the Miami Short Film Festival for their film Telephoneme,[2] and in 2006, their film Overload[3]—a collaboration with NY-based painter Brian Alfred—was inducted into the Guggenheim’s permanent collection.

MK12’s success on the film festival circuit has led to their involvement in many large-scale commercial projects, including title sequence design and in-film FX for films like Quantum of Solace, The Kite Runner and Stranger than Fiction, and music videos for Hot Hot Heat, Guided by Voices and Common’s single "Go!", which earned them an MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best Hip-Hop Video in 2005. Their collaborative video for Jack White and Alicia Keys’ single "Another Way to Die" earned them a Grammy Award nomination in the Best Short Form Music Video category in 2009.

MK12 has also been involved in several game promotions, most recently for Harmonix’s Beatles & Green Day Rock Band entries as well as Microsoft’s flagship Xbox game Alan Wake.

In 2003, MK12 joined forces with Los Angeles-based production company The Ebeling Group.[4]


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