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Industry Advertising, film production
Genre Motion Graphics, Animation
Founded 1999
Headquarters Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Products Commercials, Motion graphics
Number of employees

MK12 Studios is a a filmmaking and design collective with over a dozen award-winning short films to its credit. Their approach to filmmaking and animation is experimental and holistic, blending live action, traditional and CGI animation, nostalgic influence and new technologies to define their own unique brand of storytelling.


MK12 was established in Kansas City, MIssouri, in 1999 by art school refugees Jed Carter, Timmy Fisher, Matt Fraction, and Ben Radatz, and later joined by Shaun Hamontree and computer guru Chad Perry. Originally founded as a means to produce original content, MK12 has since lent its talents to many commercial ventures, including title sequence and UI design for films like Quantum of Solace and Stranger Than Fiction, music videos for Common, Jack White and Alicia Keys, and animated cutscenes and vignettes for video games like Rock Band: Beatles & Green Day editions and documentaries like Particle Fever, which earned them a Cinema Eye Award for Outstanding Graphic Design in 2015. In 2014, MK12 joined forces with New York-based production company, Rabbit.[1]




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