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The MLS Cup ring is an award in Major League Soccer given to the winners of the league's annual championship game, MLS Cup. Since only one Philip F. Anschutz Trophy is awarded to the team (ownership) itself, the MLS Cup ring offers a collectible memento for the players and team management to keep for themselves to symbolize and recognize their victory.


These rings are typically made of silver or white gold with diamonds. They usually include the team name, crest, and MLS Cup winning year.[1][2] Normally the rings are manufactured by Jostens, a sports memorabilia company, although the 2017 rings were made by Baron Jewelry.[3]

Value and resale[edit]

Replicas and copies of MLS rings are seen as valuable to sports memorabilia and soccer communities. The 2015 MLS Cup ring awarded to the Portland Timbers had a special Timbers Army ring that sold for $5,000.[4]

Most MLS Cup rings[edit]

Nation Player Rings
 USA Landon Donovan 6
 USA Jeff Agoos 5
 USA Brian Mullan 5
 USA Todd Dunivant 5
 BOL Jaime Moreno 4
 USA Craig Waibel 4
 USA Brian Ching 4
 CAN Dwayne De Rosario 4
 USA Eddie Robinson 4
 CAN Pat Onstad 4
 USA Wade Barrett 4
 USA Richie Williams 4
 USA Eddie Pope 4
 USA Mark Simpson 3
 USA Richard Mulrooney 3
 BOL Marco Etcheverry 3

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