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MLS Multimedia S.A. is a Greek software engineering company, listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Its headquarters are based in Thessaloniki In 2003, MLS developed the first automatic navigation system for the Greek market and two years later it released its flagship product, MLS Destinator, an automotive navigation system. The latest update of the car navigation system is the MLS Destinator Talk&Drive, the first voice-recognition driven navigation system and is currently marketed in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Chile and Morocco.[1] MLS Talk&Drive software is also available for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. MLS has also developed an interactive touch board, the MLS IQBoard, entering the educational technology market for use in classroom based instructional technology. MLS educational software has been widely adopted in Greek and Cypriot school systems.

MLS iQTalk smartphone[edit]

MLS Talk&Call is an application developed by MLS that gives smartphone users the ability to ask their cell phone to call anyone from the phone book. This application along with others is a key feature of the new smart phone that MLS Multimedia S.A. launched to the Greek market on 2013.[2] MLS' iQTalk smartphone, which is the first smartphone developed by a Greek company, runs on Android operating system and is available by Cosmote.[3]