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MMA Club
Mixed Munich Arts.jpg
Rave in the main hall of MMA
AddressKatharina-von-Bora-Str. 8A
LocationMaxvorstadt, Munich, Germany
Coordinates48°8′37″N 11°34′0″E / 48.14361°N 11.56667°E / 48.14361; 11.56667
OperatorMMA Kunst- und Kultur UG
OpenedMarch 2014
MMA Club

MMA Club (Mixed Munich Arts) is a nightclub in Munich, Germany. The techno club, which has been described by The Guardian as "towering techno temple that rivals any in Berlin",[1] is one of the most renowned and best ranked nightclubs in Germany.[2]

History and Description[edit]

The techno club, which is usually only referred to as MMA, is located in a former power plant of the 1930s in the center of the Bavarian state capital, similar to the former nightclub KW – Das Heizkraftwerk (1996–2003) in Munich and the Berghain in Berlin. The central cogeneration plant at Katharina-von-Bora-Straße once had been built from 1933 to 1937 as a part of the central of the so-called "Parteiviertel" (party headquarters) of the NSDAP and supplied the former Führerbau, which today houses the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, by a network of underground passages.[3][4] From 2006 on the power plant stood empty, until it was elaborately gutted in 2013. Already the opening of the techno club in March 2014 received high media attention, and national newspapers and magazines such as Focus,[5] Süddeutsche Zeitung[6] or Bild[7] covered the event. The main boiler hall of the plant, described by news magazine Focus as "impressive cathedral of energy", provides the main dancefloor of the club with 21 meters high walls and a space of 460 square meters and 10.000 cubic meters.[5][8] Furthermore, the venue houses a smaller "music club in the club" as an antipole to the main hall, a 10 meters high project room for audiovisual art, as well as several galleries with another 250 square meters floor space, such that the whole club gives a labyrinth-like impression.[9] The majority of the club is located 10 meters underground. Techno artists appreciate the monumental building for its rough, old, dark and energetic atmosphere.[10] Magazines and travel guides often compare the industrial architectural style of the MMA to Berlin's legendary Tresor club or the Berghain.[11][12]

DJs and Music[edit]

MMA almost exclusively features internationally renowned DJs and live acts, such as Adam Beyer, Len Faki, Ben Klock, Nina Kraviz, Maceo Plex, Anthony Rother, Amelie Lens, Terence Fixmer or Johannes Heil.[11][13] Because of the similar lineup the MMA is often labeled as "the Berghain of the south" and compared to that club.[14][15] Club nights at MMA at least last until 8 am in the morning, but can also last 48 hours at a stretch.[11][16]

Concept of the Mixed Arts[edit]

However, Mixed Munich Arts is not only a techno club, but in accordance with the given name also intended as a space that brings electronic music and avant-garde art together. The owners describe this as follows: "string quartets meet graffiti, photo vernissages meet interactive performances, video artists meet techno DJs.[5][6] In this spirit, MMA also regularly hosts cultural events beyond the techno club nights such as theatrical performances,[3] concerts, art exhibitions,[17] graffiti exhibitions and street food markets,[8][18] or Christmas markets for hip-hop fans.[19]


Bora Beach[edit]

Since 2017 MMA further runs a beach bar on Munich's Praterinsel island, where minimal electro is played by live DJs and adults can enjoy cocktails and vegan food, but also sand toys are offered for children.[20] The music at this venue orients itself by the techno club, but is more relaxed.[21][22]

Electric Elephant[edit]

MMA also operates the restaurant Electric Elephant, which is also located at the power plant. The restaurant offers Indian cuisine, is furnished only in a minimalist way, and also has an open-air lounge area.[23] Previously MMA had cooperated with an Italian restaurant in the same place.[24]


The MMA and its events are regularly covered by newspapers, news magazines and tourist guides. The club is ranked among the best clubs in Germany,[2] as well as among the best clubs in the world.[25] Resident Advisor ranks MMA as one of Munich's top clubs (third place as of December 2018).[26] At the Munich Nightlife Awards the club was awarded the first place in the category "music" and the second place in the category "booking" in 2016,[27][28] and could defend this position in the following year.[29][30]

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