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An exterior image of MOCA from the installation of Denise Hawrysio's show "Hello my name is Jenny" in 2005

The Museum of Contemporary Art, London organises exhibitions in its project space in South London and elsewhere. Its director is Michael Petry.


MOCA, London was founded in 1994 as a project-based museum. No formal built space was to be required to mount a series of international exhibitions that incorporated sculpture, video, painting, photography, and installation. Projects were curated for virtual and specific sites.

In January 2004 MOCA opened a project space at 113 Bellenden Road in Peckham Rye to initiate a series of exhibitions that were locally based but global in focus. The project space exists to offer established and upcoming artists the possibility of making non-commercial work, developing the projects over various periods of time to suit both the artist and MOCA. Projects emerge when they are ready. This cooperative style of working means that the project space has no formal exhibition structure, and works are in situ when they are ready. A new platform space for younger artists is in the final design stages.[1]


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