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A Ministry of Defence Guard Service (MGS) dog handler and his charge, Army Air Corps station at Middle Wallop.

The Ministry of Defence Guard Service (MGS) is part of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation of the Ministry of Defence, and provides military establishments across the United Kingdom with unarmed security guards and patrol services.[1]

The MGS deals with access and pass control, key control, vehicle and personnel searching, security patrols of buildings and perimeter fences, dog patrols, CCTV, and alarm monitoring. It also performs other duties like helicopter marshalling, first aid provision, mail and baggage scanning, security sweeps, and health and safety guidance.[2]

The MGS works alongside armed guard services—the Military Provost Guard Service in England, Scotland and Wales, and the Northern Ireland Security Guard Service in Northern Ireland.


From 2004 to 2013 MGS and Ministry of Defence Police worked in the Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency. In April 2013, the MDPGA was disbanded and the MGS joined the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

Uniforms and equipment[edit]

Although the MGS are an unarmed security-officer organisation; they wear a similar uniform to police forces. This consists of (in an everyday working environment) a white shirt, tie, NATO-type navy blue jumper, high visibility jacket and a black peaked cap. The shirts and jumpers have epaulettes with "MOD GUARD SERVICE" or "MOD SECURITY" printed on them and the same on jackets. The black peaked cap has the MGS badge on the front and can be worn with a clear or black waterproof cover for use in wet weather.

Any equipment carried will consist of a radio, torch, first aid kit, search equipment, security-infringement paperwork, fire safety management plans, notebook & pen.

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