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MOMO is the pseudonym for an American "outsider" and "street" artist originally from San Francisco. Currently living in New York,[1] Momo is known for "A Tag the Width of Manhattan",[2] "The MOMO Maker", "100 street Collages",[3] "A Totem Pole in the East River",[4][5] and spoofed "New Yorker Cover". He has collaborated with Zosen, Marie Lorenz, Melissa Brown, Milton Carter, Eltono, and Yohji Yamamoto.[6] In June 2009 his first book "3AM-6AM" was published with Rojo Magazine.[7] Later in October 2009 Y-3/Adidas produced the "MOMO" shoe,[8] and in December arts residency The Studios of Key West hosted his "Public Art in Private Spaces" project in Key West, Florida.[9]


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