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Developer(s) MOSEK ApS
Stable release
Development status Active
Type Mathematical optimization
License Proprietary

MOSEK is a software package for the solution of linear, mixed-integer linear, quadratic, mixed-integer quadratic, quadratically constraint, conic and convex nonlinear mathematical optimization problems. The emphasis in MOSEK is on solving large scale sparse problems. Particularly the interior-point optimizer for linear, conic quadratic (aka. Second-order cone programming) and semi-definite (aka. semidefinite programming) problems is very efficient. A special feature of the MOSEK interior-point optimizer is that it is based on the so-called homogeneous model which implies MOSEK can reliably detect a primal and/or dual infeasible status as documented in several published papers.[1][2][3]

In addition to the interior-point optimizer MOSEK includes:

  • Primal and dual simplex optimizer for linear problems.
  • A primal network simplex optimizer for problems with special network structure.
  • Mixed-integer optimizer for linear, quadratic and conic quadratic problems.

MOSEK provides interfaces to the C, C#, Java and Python languages. Most major modeling systems are made compatible for MOSEK, examples are: AMPL, and GAMS. MOSEK can also be used from popular tools such as matlab,[4] R,[5] CVX, and YALMIP.[6]


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