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MOSH logo.png
Type of site
Software update
Social networking
Games, applications, themes, ringtones, audio, video, graphics, widgets, documents sharing
Available in English
Owner Nokia
Slogan(s) Mobilize and Share
Launched August 2007
Current status Closed

MOSH was a user defined distribution channel for mobile content initiated by Nokia. The name "MOSH" comes from "Mobilize and Share".

The channel can be used to both download and upload various content for mobile phones or other platforms. File types that are handled are: audio, images, applications, games, videos, documents.

A person can create an account on MOSH that comes with the following stats: creator (for content created by that person), collector (for the number of objects added to the collection in the account) and sharer (for uploading files that are not necessarily the work of that person).[1]

MOSH was launched by Nokia in August 2007 and remained in Beta until its closure.


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