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株式会社 モ ス
Kabushiki gaisha
Industryvideo games
FoundedMarch, 1993
Key people
Toshinobu Komazawa (Founder)
Productsvideo game software
Total assetsJP¥ 10,000,000[1]
Number of employees
45 [2]

MOSS is a Japanese video game company created in 1993. After the bankruptcy of Seibu Kaihatsu, the development staff of that company formed MOSS, then bought the development rights to the Raiden franchise in order to keep working on new installments. Throughout the years they have diversified their portfolio outside of vertical shooters.

Games developed[edit]


Game Year Hardware Publisher(s)
Raiden III 2005 Taito Type X Taito
Raiden IV 2007 Taito Type X MOSS
KOF Sky Stage 2010 Taito Type X SNK Playmore
Caladrius AC 2013 RingEdge 2 MOSS


Game Year Platform Publisher(s) JP NA EU
Raiden III 2005 (JP)
2006 (EU)
2007 (NA)
PlayStation 2 Taito (JP)
505 Game Street (EU)
UFO Interactive Games (NA)
Yes Yes Yes
2006 (JP)
2014 (NA & EU)
PC CyberFront (JP)
H2 Interactive (WW)
Yes Yes Yes
Exit DS 2008 Nintendo DS Taito (JP)
Square Enix (US & EU)
Yes Yes Yes
Raiden IV 2008 (JP)
2009 (NA)
Xbox 360 MOSS (JP)
UFO Interactive Games (NA)
Yes Yes No
KOF Sky Stage 2010 Xbox Live Arcade SNK Playmore Yes Yes Yes
Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting 2010 PlayStation Portable SNK Playmore Yes Yes Yes
Caladrius 2013 Xbox 360 MOSS Yes Yes Yes
Raiden IV: Overkill 2014 PlayStation 3 MOSS (JP)
UFO Interactive Games (NA & EU)
Yes Yes Yes
2015 PC H2 Interactive Yes Yes Yes
Caladrius Blaze 2014 PlayStation 3 MOSS Yes No No
2016 PlayStation 4 H2 Interactive No Yes Yes
2017 PC H2 Interactive Yes Yes Yes
Raiden V[3] 2016 Xbox One MOSS Yes Yes Yes
Raiden V: Director’s Cut[4] 2017 Playstation 4 UFO Interactive Games Yes Yes Yes

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