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Pin configuration of the 6532 RIOT

The 6532 RAM-I/O-Timer (RIOT) was an integrated circuit made by MOS Technology, as well as second sources such as Rockwell. It incorporated 128 bytes of static RAM, two bidirectional 8-bit digital input/output ports, and a Programmable interval timer. This high degree of integration made it quite popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s, as it could take the place of several different integrated circuits (ICs).

Perhaps its best-known application was the Atari 2600 video game console. The chip was also famously deployed in Gottlieb pinball machines, such as Haunted House and Black Hole. It was also used in Atari 810, 1050 disk drives, and 8050, 8250 & 8250lp Commodore PET disk drives. The Atari 850 Interface used two 6532's.

6532 ICs were available in 1 MHz and 2 MHz versions. The form factor was a JEDEC-standard, 40-pin DIP (ceramic or plastic).

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