MOWAG Roland

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MOWAG Roland
MOWAG Roland Polizei schräg IMG 1449.JPG
MOWAG Roland Kantonspolizei Bern
Place of originSwitzerland
Service history
Used bySwitzerland, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Greece, Iraq
Production history
Produced1964 - 1980
No. built> 500
VariantsMilitary version, Police Version
Weight4,400 kg (9,700 lb)
Length4.73 m (186 in)
Width2.05 m (81 in)
Height2.1 m (83 in)
Crew1 driver + 1 commander + 4PAX

Customer Specific machine guns
modification with unguided rockets
EngineV 8 Chrysler LA 318-3
160 hp
TransmissionNP 435 mechanical gears 4 forward gears 1 reverse
Suspension4x4 wheeled
Speed100 km/h (62 mph)

The MOWAG Roland is an armored personnel carrier of Swiss origin. The vehicle was developed in 1960 and the prototype was tested in 1963. The Roland production was from 1964 to 1980.


The Roland was designed for a variety of tasks: ambulance, reconnaissance, armored troop carriers, riot /protests control and as rocket launcher.

There is a searchlight mounted on the front, directly behind it is a rotary roof section for a machine gun (MG) or a tower for a heavy machine gun MG, which is operated by the commander. The engine is in the rear, on the left side of the vehicle. On the right side, in the rear and on the left side of the vehicle are doors fitted for the vehicle occupants to enter or exit.[1]

Some African operators have their MOWAG Roland equipped with multiple rocket launchers for 5 unguided rockets.[2] MOWAG Roland vehicles for police units typically do not have a gun, but are equipped with a siren, blue light, searchlight, loud speakers and a V-shaped dozer blade.


  • Versions: armoured ambulance, standard Army APC, riot and crowd control vehicle, SANDF variant with rockets
  • Armament: Customer Specific assault rifle or machine gun like cal.50 HMG or a cal.30 Browning, or M60, GMPG light machine guns


Over 500 Mowag Rolands were produced and shipped to countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Greece (army and police), Mexico, Peru and in various Police Departments in Switzerland.[1]

On display[edit]

The Schweizerisches Militärmuseum Full has a display of a Roland MOWAG from the Bern Cantonal Police. This model is exhibited with a plow attached and was in use until 1997.[3]

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