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MP3 Rocket
MP3Rocket 6.2 Screen Shot.png
MP3 Rocket 6.3 PRO on Windows 8.1
Developer(s) MP3 Rocket Inc.
Initial release December 2005
Stable release 7.41 (October 21, 2016; 7 months ago (2016-10-21)) [±]
Preview release Unknown [±]
Development status Active
Written in Java
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Platform Java platform
Size 12.6 MB
Available in English
Type Download Manager
License GNU General Public License

MP3 Rocket is a YouTube downloader and MP3 converter that allows users to download videos and music from YouTube.


The MP3 Rocket software project was started in November 2005 by MP3 Rocket Inc. MP3 Rocket was first released in December 2005 as a gnutella network application.

In January 2011 MP3 Rocket closed its P2P service and converted its software into a YouTube downloader.[1]


MP3 Rocket comes in two versions, a freely downloadable basic version and the MP3 Rocket Pro payware that provides a higher download bitrate of 320 kbs. MP3 Rocket includes a media player and a video conversion tool. The program's license agreement states that it may be used to download content only for the purpose of time shifting and that downloaded content may not be stored "any longer than is reasonably necessary in order to listen to or view the broadcast at a more convenient time."[2]


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