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MPM Capital
Industry Venture Capital

1992 established as an advisory firm

1996 established as a venture capital firm
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts and San Francisco California, United States
Products Venture Capital and Crossover Funds
Total assets $2.5 billion in assets under management
Number of employees

MPM Capital – Powering Breakthroughs in Life Sciences[edit]

MPM is an early-stage life sciences venture investing firm with a track record of identifying and building world-class companies that seek to cure major diseases by translating scientific innovations into positive clinical outcomes. MPM’s diversified and active portfolio of companies aims to revolutionize the face of medicine across multiple areas including cancer, diabetes, obesity, pain, eHealth and more. With its deep experience, dedicated team of operating executives, and distinguished medical and scientific advisory board, MPM is powering novel medical breakthroughs that transform patient lives.

Investment Approach[edit]

MPM is currently investing more than $870 million in funds from both its BioVentures 2014 fund and its 2016 UBS Oncology Impact Fund (OIF). As an oncology-only, evergreen, crossover fund , the OIF aims to make a positive social impact beyond financial returns. MPM has dedicated a portion of its own profits from the OIF to provide access to cancer care in the developing world and, in collaboration with the American Association for Cancer Research, to identify and fund promising academic cancer research.

Investment funds (as of July 2016)[edit]

  • UBS Oncology Impact Fund (OIF)][1] – raised in partnership with UBS in 2016. Managed by MPM, the fund is focused exclusively on oncology comprising private and public investments with an impact component that funds cancer research and access to cancer care.
  • MPM BioVentures (BV2014) – raised in 2014, invests in early stage in any therapeutic area but oncology predominates. The fund focuses on early stage investors and company building.
  • MPM BioVentures 2010 – raised in 2010, invested in a portfolio of 18 companies.
  • MPM BioVentures 2006 – raised in 2006, invested in a portfolio of 27 companies.
  • MPM BioVentures III – raised in 2002, invested in a portfolio of 39 companies.
  • MPM BioVentures II – raised in 2000,invested in a portfolio of 35 companies.
  • MPM BioVentures I – raised in 1997, invested in a portfolio of 26 companies.


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