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The MP 14 is a class of EMU trains for the Paris Métro, part of Alstom Metropolis line. It is the seventh generation of the rubber tired class of trains to be used on the system and is planned to be deployed to Line 14, as well as possibly Line 4, Line 6 and Line 11.[1][2] The first unit has already been completed and is undergoing testing on Line 1.

Changes in government regulations[edit]

Recent changes in government regulations regarding rail transport (ORTF Law of 8 December 2009)[3] now requires that the STIF fund replacement rolling stock by 50% (as seen with the MF 2000 purchase for Line 9), and rolling stock for new lines and extensions by 100% (as seen with the MP 05 purchase for Line 14). As a result, the STIF began compiling a master plan to analyze how to replace existing rolling stock with new stock that can meet the needs of the growing Metro network. The result of the findings justify the need for a brand new series of rubber-tyred rolling stock.


The purpose of the newest generation of rubber-tyred rolling stock is actually two-fold. In 2012, the STIF identified the need to expand capacity on Line 14, which is about to undergo two major extension projects simultaneously. Therefore, the STIF deemed it crucial to also extend the number of train cars from six to eight cars, something that was not fully realized on the Metro prior to the construction of Line 14 (all of the existing stations on the line are capable of handling eight-car train formations). The STIF also identified the need to replace the aging MP 59 stock on Line 11 and the MP 73 stock on Line 6; both of which are predicted to reach the end of their useful lives by around 2020.


Like its predecessor, the MP 89, this new class of rubber rolling stock will likely be divided into two subclasses.

  • A fully automated (CA) class, with eight cars per train, to operate on Line 14. These trains are expected to go into operation sometime after 2020, when both extensions of Line 14 have been completed. It is also possible (though unconfirmed) that a six car CA variant could be ordered for Line 4 should a planned automation project move forward, and if it is decided to no longer keep the MP 89CC.
  • A manually-driven (CC) class, with five cars per train, to replace the MP 59 stock on Line 11.