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MP Management is a global network of talent and modelling agencies.

Over the last decade, the network has grown to seven agencies located across Europe & America with offices in Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Miami, Atlanta, LA and Chicago.

MP Management is led by CEO Matteo Puglisi and represents a global network of models and talent, including Yoonmi Sun, Shanelle Nyasiase, Gisele Fox, Marjan Jonkman, Arthur Gosse, Adonis Bosso, Gao Jie and Bar Refaeli.

The network is owned by Silva International Investments.


Early years[edit]

Founded in 2008 in Milan.


Since 2014 MP Management has grown through a series of mergers and acquisitions, including MP Management Milan, MP Management Paris, MP Management Miami, MP Management Stockholm, MP Management Chicago, MP Management Atlanta and MP Management Los Angeles.

Acquisitions and partnerships include:

  • Mega Model Management, the model management agency founded in Miami in 2001 by Marcus Panthera Fonseca, was acquired in April 2014.[1]
  • Major Paris from the Major Model Management network in August 2015.[2]
  • In April 2017 MP Management entered into a strategic partnership with Modellink and acquired Elite Stockholm.[3]
  • In February 2018 MP Management announced the acquisition of Factor Chosen Model Management, a boutique agency with over three decades of fashion industry experience, with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Under the leadership of Jane Stewart.[4]


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