Griffon Aerospace MQM-170 Outlaw

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MQM-170 Outlaw
UAV MQM-171.png
Role Remote controlled, UAV
Manufacturer Griffon Aerospace
Designer Larry A. French
First flight 2003
Introduction July 2004
Primary users United States Army
United States Navy
Produced 2004 - present
Number built over 2,200
Unit cost
~ under $100K

The Griffon Aerospace MQM-170 Outlaw is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It can serve as a target drone, surrogate training platform, or in a aerial reconnaissance and forward observation role, and can carry a guided munition. The aircraft has been in use since 2004.

The system consists of an Air Vehicle and a ground control station (GCS), including an optional satellite link communication suite. The Outlaw may be launched pneumatically or by runway takeoff.

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