MR7 road

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MR7 road
Highway system
Transport in Swaziland

The MR7 road, also known as the Mbandzeni highway, is a major highway of Swaziland. Despite being a relatively short road, along with the MR3 and MR8 roads it is considered to form the "backbone of Swaziland's internal transport system."[1]It connects the MR3/MR16 road northeast of Siteki at 26°24′1″S 31°51′23″E / 26.40028°S 31.85639°E / -26.40028; 31.85639 with Mozambique near Goba at 26°15′27″S 32°5′2″E / 26.25750°S 32.08389°E / -26.25750; 32.08389.


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