MRC 1138-262

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Spiderweb Galaxy
Spiderweb galaxy (MRC 1138-262) Hubble.jpg
HST image of the Spiderweb Galaxy
Observation data (J2000.0 [1] epoch)
Right ascension 11h 40m 48.3s [1]
Declination−26° 29′ 09″ [1]
Redshift2.156 [1]
Distance10.6 billion light-years
Apparent magnitude (V)22.00 [1]
Apparent magnitude (B)18.04 [1]
Other designations
Spiderweb Galaxy,[1] MRC 1138-262,[1] PKS 1138-26,[1] PGC 2826829[1]

The Spiderweb Galaxy (PGC 2826829, MRC 1138-262) is an irregular galaxy with a redshift of 2.156, which is 10.6 billion light years away. It has been recently[when?] imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope. It is formed from dozens of smaller galaxies that were seen in the process of merging through mutual gravitational attraction.


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Coordinates: Sky map 11h 40m 48.4s, −26° 29′ 8″