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Mitsubishi Motors Europe B.V.
Founded 2002
Headquarters Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands
Key people
Gen Nishina (President, CEO)
Revenue 4,418 million (2006)
€280 million (2006)
Parent Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors Europe (MME) is the European headquarters and sales, distribution subsidiary of the Japanese automotive manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors. Their headquarters are in Born in the Netherlands. Formerly, they had production facilities in Born, Netherlands (opened in 1991 and sold to NedCar in 2012), and from 1999-2008 they contracted production to Pininfarina in Turin, Italy. The European design studio Mitsubishi Design Europe (MDE) and the research and development center Mitsubishi R&D Europe (MRDE) are based at Trebur in Germany, while Mitsubishi Motors Motor Sports (MMSP), responsible for the company's record-breaking success in the Dakar Rally, work out of Pont-de-Vaux, France. The company oversees 2,500 dealers in 36 countries.[1]

Historically, MME has also been responsible for sales within Russia.[2] However, recent economic development in that country have driven annual sales from less than 50 in 1991 to 57,200 in 2006, with 70,000 anticipated for 2007.[3] It now represents the company's biggest market in Europe, and since 2006 Mitsubishi has treated Russia as a separate market.[4] In addition, Mitsubishi has been greatly successful in the Ukrainian market, being the top selling brand for four consecutive years to 2007.[2]

Production and sales figures[edit]

Year Production Sales
1995 19,100 n/a
1996 44,401 n/a
1997 82,255 n/a
1998 91,884 n/a
1999 113,331 n/a
2000 78,542 258,256
2001 79,261 212,983
2002 86,900 202,993
2003 75,276 213,567
2004 103,101 241,758
2005 68,551 267,220
2006 80,315 282,333*
2007 68,434 340,490*

*Figures include Russia, although this market is no longer under MME jurisdiction.

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