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Photo of DJ MRK1.jpg
Background information
Birth name Mark Foster
Origin Manchester, United Kingdom
Genres Dubstep, Grime
Occupation(s) Record producer, DJ
Labels Contagious, Planet Mu
Associated acts Virus Syndicate

Mark Foster, known as MRK1 (formerly Mark One), is a dubstep, grime and bass music producer, originally from Manchester, England.[1] He is known especially for his work as part of the Virus Syndicate,[2] including MCs Goldfinger and Nika D, which he produces and provides instrumental tracks for, and his fusion of both genres.[3]

He originally produced Drum and Bass, then Dubstep and Grime.[4] More recently he has branched off into other types of bass music.[5]

Along with the likes of Skream, Benga, Hatcha and Plastician he was one of the first producers to pioneer the Dubstep sound and was responsible for some of its earliest releases.[6]

MRK1 has a large back catalogue of music spanning over ten years, as he has over 50 releases on labels such as Sony, Tempa, Soulja, Vehicle, Rephlex, Polydor, Wall of Sound, Texture, Techonic, Earwax, Contagious, Play Me, Dim Mak, Terra Rhythm, Ministry of Sound, and Defected.

In 2004 MRK1, Plastician and Slaughter Mob released an album called "Grime" on Aphex Twins label Rephlex Records. This was one of the key releases that propelled the dubstep/grime sound into media for the first time. Dubbed as one of the pinnacle moments in dubstep history, this album went on to spread the sound across the world to markets who had never previously heard the name dubstep.

MRK1 has a been a prolific remixer over the last couple of years remixing artists such as Rebecca Ferguson, Marcus Collins, Pink Floyd, DMX, Chingy, Kelis, Drake, Bassnectar, Adam Freeland, Timberland, Connor Maynard and Neyo.

MRK1 has traveled the world as a DJ and played at some of the biggest festivals in the world, including Glastonbury (UK), Roskilde (Denmark), Wilsonic (Slovakia), 10 Days Off (Gent), Sonar (Barcelona), Glade (UK), Cream (UK) etc.



  • Copyright Laws (2006)
  • One Way (2004)
  • Contagious


  • "Plodder/Blair Witch" Contagious (2004)
  • "Fight" Terro Rhythm (2005)
  • Bones/Steppa Delights (2007)
  • Tectonic Plates 02, with DQ1 (2006)
  • "Get Out Clause / Infection" Earwax (2008)
  • "Magnetic Device / Revolution 909" Earwax (2008)
  • "Killzone/Tunnel Form" Contagious (2009)
  • "X-Tatik/Moving Toad" Contagious (2009)
  • "Feel Loved/Frank" Contagious (2009)
  • "Last Drop" Eight FX (2009)
  • "Trouble Shoot" Dark Circles (2009)
  • "The Electrician/Move Your Soul" Contagious (2009)
  • "Summer Rain/Sick Tonight" Dark Circles (2010)
  • "Going Down" Studio Rockers (2010)
  • "Dirty Dubstep Music/Let Me Hear You" Hench (2010)
  • "Bo/Rapapampam" Hench (2011)
  • "Cardiac Arrest" Eight FX (2010)
  • "Ready For Love/Rat Trap" Planet Mu (2007)
  • "Stardust/Daywalker" Planet Mu (2007)
  • "iLOVE" Eight FX (2011)
  • "Infection" Earwax (2010)
  • "Magnetic Device/Revolution 909" Earwax (2007)
  • "Murderation" Get Darker (2011)
  • "Drop Bass/Judgement" Hench (2012)
  • "Sizzler/Thiller" Play Me (2010)
  • "Gangster Ride/Make A Move" Trouble N Bass (2012)
  • "Download The World" Wheel N Deal (2011)
  • "Inna" Profound Audio (2012)
  • "Stand N Deliver" Profound Audio (2013)
  • "Mek Money" Dirty Dutch (2012)
  • "Dancefloor" Dim Mak (2013)
  • "Ayah Bass - Virus Syndicate" Midication (2012)
  • "Empire Ep" - Tyke (2007)
  • "I Got Too feat Sizzla" Contagious (2007)
  • "Renegade feat Virus Syndicate" Midication (2013)
  • "My Money" Midication (2013)
  • "Badman feat Doctor" Midication (2013)
  • "Deeper Than You feat Jamakabi" Midication (2013)


  • "Electric Flower - The Melvins" Scion Audio (2010)
  • "Basshead - Bassnectar" Warp (2008)
  • "Up In Here - DMX" X Rated (2012)
  • "Coming Back" - Bluey Robinson Sony (2012)
  • "Turn Around - Connor Maynard feat Neyo" Sony (2012)
  • "Not All About The Money - Timberland and Timato" Sony (2012)
  • "Too Good To Lose" Rebecca Ferguson Sony (2012)
  • "Curtain Call - Aiden Grimshaw" Sony (2012)
  • "Do It Different - Platnum" Sony (2012)
  • "Seven Nation Army - Marcus Collins" Sony (2012)
  • "Super Hero - Chingy" (2012)
  • "Bust 'Em Out - Eptic feat Virus Syndicate" Never Say Die (2013)


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