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Aliases MRPL19, L19mt, MRP-L15, MRP-L19, MRPL15, RLX1, RPML15, mitochondrial ribosomal protein L19
External IDs MGI: 1926274 HomoloGene: 8851 GeneCards: MRPL19
Species Human Mouse
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RefSeq (protein)



Location (UCSC) Chr 2: 75.65 – 75.69 Mb Chr 6: 81.96 – 81.97 Mb
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39S ribosomal protein L19, mitochondrial is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MRPL19 gene.[3][4][5]

Mammalian mitochondrial ribosomal proteins are encoded by nuclear genes and help in protein synthesis within the mitochondrion. Mitochondrial ribosomes (mitoribosomes) consist of a small 28S subunit and a large 39S subunit. They have an estimated 75% protein to rRNA composition compared to prokaryotic ribosomes, where this ratio is reversed. Another difference between mammalian mitoribosomes and prokaryotic ribosomes is that the latter contain a 5S rRNA. Among different species, the proteins comprising the mitoribosome differ greatly in sequence, and sometimes in biochemical properties, which prevents easy recognition by sequence homology. This gene encodes a 39S subunit protein.[5]


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