MRT Brown Line

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MRT Brown Line
รถไฟฟ้าโมโนเรล สายสีน้ำตาล
Bangkok MRT Brown line unofficial logo.png
Type Straddle-beam monorail
System MRT
Status planned
Locale Bangkok and Nonthaburi, Thailand
Termini Nonthaburi Civic Center
Stations 21
Opened 2021
Owner Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand
Character Elevated and underground
Rolling stock N/A
Line length 22 kilometers (14 mi) (est.)
Number of tracks 2 monorail tracks
Electrification Third rail
Operating speed 80 km/h (50 mph)

The MRT Brown Line is a 22 km rapid transit line under preliminary study in Bangkok, Thailand. The line is proposed to run from Khae Rai, Nonthaburi to Bueng Kum, Minburi with 21 stations as a monorail.

The line was proposed as the Gold Line by the Pheu Thai party for the Bangkok Governors election held in March 2013. This was in response to objections by Kasetsart University to long-proposed Expressway extensions. The line is an alternative to an elevated Expressway.[1] However, the Pheu Thai candidate did not win the election and the Gold Line was dropped. The Deputy Minister of Transport stated that land appropriation costs were too high.[2] Subsequently, OTP reworked the Gold Line proposal into a new Brown Line following a comparable route. As of June 2013 the route was under preliminary study by OTP.[3]

This line is not the original 2004 13 km proposal from Bangkapi to Min Buri. This was subsequently merged in 2009 into an extended MRT Orange Line.


The Brown Line was to start at Nonthaburi Civic Center and continue to Khae Rai and along Ngam Wong Wan road to Vihavadi-Rangsit road (interchange with SRT Dark Red Line) and continue east to Kaset. The Civic Center line would interchange with MRT Purple Line & MRT Pink Lines. Kaset would interchange with BTS Sukhumvit Line.

The line heads east along Prasote Manukit road (AKA Kaset-Namawin rd) past Chalong Rat Expressway (interchanging with the proposed Grey Line) to Namawin Rd. It continues south along Namawin Road and cuts through directly southeast from Namawin soi 30 junction to Seri Thai rd soi 35 junction. The line extends further southeast where it terminates at Ramkhamhaeng rd (soi 129/1 junction) to interchange with MRT Orange Line.


In August 2013, the MRTA approved the line in principle with a goal to complete design by 2016, followed by a 3-year construction period and a 2021 opening.[4]


The 22 km Brown line will have 21 stations (plus 2 potential future stations):

  • Nonthaburi Government Complex.
  • Khae Rai.
  • Ngamwongwan Soi 12.
  • Prachachuen
  • Shinakhet
  • Klong Prem.
  • Bangkhet. (Interchange with SRT Dark Red Line)
  • Kasetsart.
  • Bank of Agriculture (Interchange with future Dark Green BTS ext).
  • Bang Bua.
  • Lad Plakhao.
  • Prasoed Manookij Soi 18.
  • Sukhonthasawat.
  • Kaset - Nawamin (Interchange with proposed BMA Grey Line).
  • Klong Lamjiak.
  • Nuan Chan 11.
  • Nawamin.
  • Nawamin Soi 50.
  • Bueng Kum.
  • Serithai.
  • Summakorn. (Interchange with proposed MRTA Orange Line)

Note: Station names are provisional.

Future Stations:

  • Prasoed Manookij Soi 25 between Stations 11 & 12
  • Nawamin Soi 42 between Stations 18 & 19.


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