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MSD Capital LP
Private, Limited liability company
Industry Private equity,
Founded 1998
Founder Michael Dell [1]

645 Fifth Avenue, 21st Floor, New York City and

100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1700, Santa Monica, California, United States[2]
Products Leveraged buyout, Growth capital , investments, real-estate[1]
Total assets not public, in excess of $ 12 billion[1]
Number of employees

MSD Capital is the investment vehicle owned and controlled by Michael Dell and his family. The company is one of the main investors in the announced Leveraged buyout of Dell Inc. besides Michael Dell in private, Silver Lake Partners, Microsoft and several banks[3]


MSD Capital was formed in 1998 to manage the wealth of Michael Dell and his family.


MSD Capital has a dedicated investment team and according to their own statement Mr Dell is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm. The company makes no statement of his involvement on major decisions. The main investment partners are Glenn R. Fuhrman, co-managing partner and co-founder[4] as well as John C. Phelan, also co-managing partner and co-founder[5]

Besides those 2 co-founders and co-managing partners another 10 partners are listed[6]

Relation with Dell Computers[edit]

MSD Capital has no direct involvement with Dell as a company although this will likely change if the leveraged buy-out is successful.[7]


As a private (investment) firm the company doesn't publish detailed records on their activities or strategies. According to information on MSD Capital's website they have a very broad mandate how to invest the money. They are currently (as mentioned on their website on 5 February 2013) specialized in:

  • Value based public investing (buying and selling shares of publicly listed companies)
  • "Special opportunity projects"
  • Partnering with selected hedge funds
  • investments in real estate
  • private equity

Dell Inc would likely be their largest investment to date if the leveraged buy out succeeds.[3]

In 2016, MSD's involvement in the small-sized television over-the-air broadcast properties market was detailed. The report came as the U.S. Federal Communications Commission moved toward a Dutch auction for the re-acquisition and re-sale of the broadcasting frequencies to more lucrative wireless phone uses. OTA Broadcasting LLC, a unit of MSD, was formed in 2011. Amongst "more than a dozen" acquisitions since then, the "most valuable ... is from a former Korean station in New York. [Dell]’s representatives bought the station in March 2012 for $6.6 million. The FCC’s opening bid for that license is $377 million." Also in the report the Wall Street Journal set the maximum proceeds from all OTA properties at $4 billion.[8]


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