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MSU Telecasters
MSU Telecasters.svg
MSU Telecasters
Launched Circa 1954
Formerly called MSU Broadcasters
Comcast Local Channel 28, 30
OSTN Channel 9

MSU Telecasters is a Student television station run by undergraduate students from Michigan State University. Telecasters is composed of seven television shows which are written, produced, directed, and edited completely by the students. It is funded by ASMSU.

Current MSU Telecasters Shows[edit]

MSU Telecasters produces seven shows.

  • MSU & U:An Emmy-winning news show.
  • The ShōW: The longest running college sitcom in America, founded in 1988 by Greg Harrison. Other notable alumni include Steve Van Wormer and Jeff Witzke.
  • SiDESHOW: A sketch comedy show with parodies, music videos, and other short sketches.
  • The Giraffe House: A webisode comedy series.
  • Short Attention Span: A sketch comedy show that combines multiple styles.
  • Beaumont Bulletin: A news parody show.
  • Turn: A drama series.

Previous MSU Telecasters Shows[edit]

Since 1982 the MSU Telecasters have produced a variety of television shows. They include:

  • The Green & White Report
  • MSU Upfront
  • Lansing Upfront
  • Six's Wild
  • Apartment Six
  • OnLine Lansing: A program previously produced by MSU Telecasters that ran on WKAR during the 1990s.
  • MSU Profile

Broadcast Media[edit]

In the past, MSU Telecasters programs have aired on the RHA TV station on campus. In Fall 2006, the Telecasters moved to Comcast Local for a larger geographical reach. Their shows also air occasionally on the Open Student Television Network. The shows also air on LCC TV.

MSU Telecasters Alumni Group[edit]

In 2008, a Telecaster reunion was organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The ShōW. As a result of that event, the MSU Telecasters Alumni Group (TAG) was formed. The official charter from Michigan State University was awarded in May, 2009.


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