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MS Fest
MS Fest logo.jpg
Logo of MS Fest 2008
Genre Rock, Hip hop, Electronic
Dates February - March
Location(s) Launceston, Australia (2006 -2011)
Hobart, Australia (2012 - cancelled)
Years active 2006 - 2011
Founded by MS Society
Official website

MS Fest was a music festival, held annually in Launceston, Tasmania Australia since 2006[1] until 2011 when it was announced that MS Fest 2012 will be held in Hobart, Tasmania.[2] It was a single day event, held in February or March on a Saturday.

Silverchair playing at MS Fest 2007

The festival started in 2006 with a concert at Launceston’s Regatta Ground to mark the 50th anniversary of the MS Society.[3] The event sold out, and quickly became known as one of Tasmania’s premier music events.[4]

In 2007 the event relocated to Inveresk Showground to accommodatea larger crowd. There was a main stage, featuring mostly rock and hip hop, and a secondary stage, the Ministry of Sound arena, which featured DJ and electronic music throughout the day.

In 2010, the festival returned to Inveresk Showground and sold over 13,000 tickets, the largest number of ticket sales to date.

In September 2011, the promoters announced that MS Fest would be relocating to the Hobart TCA Grounds at Hobart for the 2012 show: "The commercial environment in Launceston for the event changed and MS Fest’s future became unsound. This and the opportunity to host the event at such an iconic and pristine venue such as the TCA grounds in Hobart made this the clear and sensible choice for MS Tasmania. We look forward to people making a weekend of it and travelling down for a great show." However, mere days before it was scheduled to begin, the 2012 festival was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales and bad weather forecasts. As of now, there is no immediate future for the MS Fest at this point, but organisers hope to resurrect it in the not-too-distant future.[5]

Line-Ups by Year[edit]

MS Fest 2006[edit]

The 2006 festival was the first installment of MS Fest, held on Saturday, 11 March 2006 at the Royal Park Regatta Grounds, Launceston. The line-up of artists included:

MS Fest 2007[edit]

The 2007 event saw Silverchair’s first Tasmanian performance in 7 years. The event was staged at Inveresk Showgrounds, Launceston, on Saturday, 10 March 2007. It featured a main stage and a Ministry of Sound arena, which featured DJs and electronic acts throughout the day. The event was emceed by Jabba. Artists who performed at the 2007 event include:

MS Fest 2008[edit]

The 2008 installment took place on Saturday, 16 February 2008. The 2008 event was the biggest so far, with over 11,000 in attendance. The artists who performed are:

MS Fest 2009[edit]

MS Fest 2010[edit]

The first installment of the line-up was announced on 15 September 2009.

MS Fest 2011[edit]

MS Fest 2012[edit]

Line-up announced via the festival's Facebook page on Friday 18 November 2011. The festival was cancelled in early 2012 due to low ticket sales and poor weather predictions. As of now, there is no immediate future for the MS Fest, but hopefully, it will be resurrected in the near future.


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